• To ensure you have a smooth class experience, it is your responsibility to test your technical devices and supportive devices prior to the class start time. Also, please make sure that you are familiar with the functions and features of Zoom application. Try to log in 15 minutes prior to the actual class start time and test around by yourself. Always contact our proctor or our team member when you have problems or concerns.

  • Prohibit the disclosure of the course link, course meeting ID and password and all other sensitive course information. Failure to do so can result in automatically course cancellation with no courses fee refund.

  • As a course etiquette purpose, please keep your mic muted at all times unless otherwise requested by the instructor or proctor. Use the chat or raise hand feature for any questions or comments. However please do not publish any non-related message or act any inappropriate behavior during all class time. Students who fail to do so can result in automatically course cancellation with no courses fee refund.

  • Strictly follow the class manual, course curriculum and instructor’s arrangement. Notify proctor or our team member if there is any unexpected issues.

  • Any student logging in 15 minutes past class start time will not be allowed to participate in the course and will have to retake the course at a later date as further notified. Keep in mind that makeups are not applicable for all courses.

  • Your participation in the training will be recorded and monitored at all times by the instructor, an active proctor, and an attention tracking feature within Zoom. You must show yourself in the camera at all time during class sessions. If the Zoom application is not in focus for more than 30 seconds, an alert will be sent to the active proctor. If there is more than one instance of this during the course, you may be removed from the course.

  • You must attend 100% of the training event. If any connectivity issues or emergency circumstances occur, you must immediately contact us for additional instructions. Long time absence may result in an incomplete of the course, and make up may be required.

  • You must complete and submit the test with a passing grade (normally 70%) after each course as directed by the instructor. Make up test may be acceptable based on specific course policy.

  • Course survey is mandatory for each student after the completion of each course. You must complete and submit the survey as required in order to receive your proof of completion.



  • 拥有真实有效的OSHA30安全卡;
  • 拥有带照片并且有效的ID证件,例如纽约州驾照、市民卡或美国护照(如果是外国护照或外州ID,学员必须额外提交一份含地址的证明材料)                     


  • 网上课程都将被全程录像,要求学员100%出勤。
  • 提供的证件与证明材料必须真实有效
  • 开始正式上课后,学费将不予退还。
  • 上课期间无故离开超过15分钟以上者,将视为缺课并将被移出网上课堂,不予发证;                          
  • 所有学生上课一定要打开视频,无视频画像的学员将被视为缺课,不予发证。
  • 任何在课堂上恶意行为,学校将有权力将该学员移出课堂,该学员将不得参与该期的课。学费不予退还并等学校给出下一步通知
  • 只有材料齐全的学员才给予签发SST上岗证
  • 学校将保留所有的解释权
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