Frequently Asked Questions

How long my SST card will be issue after I completed the required SST courses?
If we have all the required documents including a valid OSHA30 card from you and verified you had completed all the required courses, we will issue the card in one to two weeks.

I only have my OSHA 30 certificate and I had finished required SST courses, will the school issue me the SST card?
We only accept OSHA30 card that issued from OSHA organization. You card will be hold until you provide us an official OSHA 30 card.

I took an online OSHA 30 training, will my OSHA card be accepted?
Online training received before October 16, 2017 will be accepted. After the October 16 date, only in-person training and actively proctored online training will be accepted. Actively proctored online training consists of:

  • Online training taken in a classroom with a proctor; or
  • online training that at a minimum requires the individual receiving the training to:
    • Attest that they are the individual that received the training and the training was received without assistance; and
    • Have their participation monitored at random times to ensure the individual receiving the training is present for the entirety of the training

Individuals presenting Certificates of Completions or other documentation as proof of their online training should also be required to sign a document attesting to having completed the training on their own and according to the law.

I signed up for a SST Supervisor class in your school, what certificate or card should I expect to receive?

After you completed the whole SST Supervisor class and we have all required documents from you, we will ONLY issue a SST Supervisor card for you. If you need an 4 hours Supported Scaffold User & Refresher card, that will be an extra $50 fees.

If you need partial course completion certificate for example 8 hour Site Safety Manager Refresher for renew your Superintendent or other license, you can ask us to issue the certificate for you. We will issue certificate when student ask for.